Zelensky have boasted that under the current government position can not buy

У Зеленского похвастались, что при нынешней власти должность купить нельзя

First Deputy head of the Office of the President Sergei Trofimov said that the current ruling team does not trade posts.

So in his Telegram-channel, he reacted to the information about the arrest in Kharkiv of two citizens who were trying to “sell” the position of head of the Kharkiv oblgosadministratsii and regional management of tax.

“Today’s news is about “selling” the seat of the head of Kharkiv regional state administration for a million dollars – evidence that some did not understand the main thing: in Ukraine as the new government and “trade” posts in the past. We changed not only many people in authority but also the principle of power, its quality. The chair head of the regional state administration can not be bought, it can only be earned – the reputation, real deeds, care for people,” wrote Trofimov.

“But in the Ukrainian prison now possible to remove a paid camera – and that’s the only good news for the detainees today, “sellers”, – said the Deputy head of the OP.