Zelensky have figured out how to reduce the price of electricity

У Зеленского придумали, как снизить цену на электроэнергию

The President’s office initiates the reduction rate of the energy company “Ukrenergo” three times.

This was stated by the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus at the briefing, the broadcast led TV NEWSONE.

So, Gerus came out to journalists after the meeting regarding the challenges of the new electricity market and the preparation for the autumn-winter heating period.

In his words, the meeting raised the issue of reducing the price of electricity for industry.

According to Gerus, after the launch of the electricity market price is unreasonably increased by 20%. Especially given the decline in the price of coal and gas over the last six months in global markets.

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As a result, Zelensky made a number of initiatives to reduce tariffs.

The first is the decision of the Cabinet on special obligations for “Ukrhydroenergo and “Energoatom”. In particular, its adjustment so that spacebattles for “Ukrhydroenergo was increased.

“And we expect that this decision will give the opportunity to lower the rate of “Ukrenergo” more than 3 times from 32 to 8-9 kopecks. kopecks/kWh,” explained Gerus.

In his words, this will reduce the price for consumers by about 11%.

Also one step is the adjustment of maximum prices (price cap) on “the market for days forward” (RSV) and “vnutricletocnam market” (HRV).

Gerus explained that at the night market limit price necessary to raise it to 10%, and in the afternoon – to reduce by 15-20%. Such a move would reduce the price by another 9%.

The President’s office hopes to introduce a draft resolution on specialattention already at the Cabinet meeting on August 21.