Zelensky in Davos said when the war is over in the Donbas

Зеленский в Давосе рассказал, когда закончится война на Донбассе

Wednesday, January 22, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during a speech at the economic forum in Davos accused Russia of the annexation areas and announced the condition to end the war in the Donbass.

According to Zelensky, six years ago, Russia “seized” part of Ukrainian territory. In addition, the President of Ukraine stressed that the war in the Donbass also goes for six years.

“Here we have with you is the new normal,” – said Zelensky.

The Ukrainian head of state drew attention to the fact that after the Norman meeting in Paris in December, the fire in the Donbass has not stopped.

“We have not been able to completely stop the fire and are still losing our people. But I don’t randomly say “bye”. I am sure if all parties want to stop the war, it will end tomorrow. Ukraine is defending its land,” he said.

Zelenski also said that he believes that the war will finish.

“I see the light. But at the end of the tunnel. And just see the light,” said the President, announced in the President’s Office.

Note, in the social networks performance Zelensky at the forum in Davos evoked a mixed reaction. Some praise him for what he called a spade a spade, while others believe that he was not prepared.

“The President, even the most intelligent, it is necessary to prepare for public speaking at this level as Davos.And in our case we just need to get to learn, test knowledge, test on the subject of the EU, investment climate, military action in the Donbass.It all sounds hopeless, you just want to wait for the outcome of this presidency,” – said the blogger Eugene Ikhelzon.

“The words are beautiful, and the Powder is not sitting… and no change in the best way I felt,” said one under the name of God Yaroslav.

“What he did? Oh, finally remembered about the war. Thank God. Let call a spade a spade!!!”, added Anna sautina.

Зеленский в Давосе рассказал, когда закончится война на Донбассе