Zelensky in Kherson “can get high as a child” and got the video

Зеленский в Херсоне "кайфонул, как в детстве" и попал на видео

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Friday, June 26, began a two-day official visit to Kherson region. During his trip, he visited New Kakhovka, where he opened a reconstructed artificial football field “Dnepr” stadium “Energy”. During the visit the head of state discussed important issues and played football with the mayor.

After the official part of the opening of the field at the stadium “Energy”, Vladimir Zelensky and the mayor of Kherson Vladimir Kovalenko played football. Zelensky and Kovalenko about a minute threw each other the ball and exchanged a few words.

“The mayor normally takes”, “As a child, a thrill”, “you sure you’re running a city or train?”, – Zelensky said.

Informal video of the opening of the stadium was published in the Telegram News channel Perepichka.

While Kovalenko added that he is to govern manages, and trains, and on March 8 he gave concerts.

“Congratulations guys, normal stadium. Wish only the victory, I think the sport is important,” added Zelensky, referring to the young players who were at the stadium.

Vladimir Zelensky