Zelensky incited the SBU and the Prosecutor General of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”

Зеленский натравил СБУ и Генпрокуратуру на телеканал «112 Украина»

General producer of the channel 112 Artem marczewski believes that raider capture of the channel 112 is an initiative of the President.

He told the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA.

Commenting on the attempt of raider seizure of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the SBU, the marczewski noted that Bakanov and the Office of public Prosecutor do to transfer it to the management Agency of investigation in tangible assets.

“SBU is the perpetrator. It is important to understand who the customer is – there is not only the SBU was involved. All is done, as far as we know, about the order of the President Zelensky, by direct decree of the head of the SBU Bakanova in collusion with the attorney General’s Office. They submitted a petition, I’m not a lawyer and can be confused in wording, or a petition for the arrest of the assets of the channel on a completely trumped-up reason and sending them to the management of the so-called ARMA – Agency investigation of tangible assets”, – he explained.

General producer of the channel 112 also noted that such manipulation of assets will lead to the destruction of the channel.

“What does that mean for any business? ARMA comes immediately puts his administration and has the right to dispose of the assets, as they, by and large, want. For example, to sell them to third parties. Of course, then it can be challenged in the courts, both Ukrainian and international, but this is all, of course, is delayed for a long time, and during this time the channel can just destroy it,” said Artem marczewski.

Commenting on the ban on the broadcasting of the channel 112, it is also said that the government is trying to challenge, but so far without success.

“We’re trying, but the fact that the broadcast system is arranged in such a way that the free license is not there. Those licenses that we had, they handed out small regional TV channels”, – concluded the marczewski.