Zelensky instructed law enforcement agencies to evaluate the actions of employees of the RRG, which withdrew military devices at APU

Зеленский поручил правоохранителям дать оценку действиям работников ГБР, которые изъяли военные приборы у ВСУ

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky set the task of law enforcement agencies to evaluate the actions of employees of the State Bureau of investigation, which allowed the seizure of military equipment from military units of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine. On 3 July, Facebook reported the President’s Office.

It is noted that the head of state expressed deep concern over the actions of the RRG that affect the execution of tasks on ensuring defense of Ukraine.

“The heads of the SBU and GBR – immediately provide the appropriate legal assessment of the actions of their employees and to take measures to minimize possible consequences. The situation on this matter is taken under personal control,” said Zelensky.

The seizure of klystrons – important devices for the s-300 – in military units of Air forces of Ukraine it became known on July 2. According to the journalist Yuri Butusova, the RRG is trying to find information on the abuse team of the former President of Petro Poroshenko in defence procurement, but shows blatant incompetence and indifference.

The main investigation Department of the RRG opened upon withdrawal of klystrons criminal proceedings on the fact of abuse of power or office powers by employees of the Bureau and of the security Service of Ukraine (part 3 of article 365 of the Criminal code of Ukraine).

The evening of July 2 the RRT was returned to the military unit of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine the elements of anti-aircraft missile complexes, which were seized during the searches.

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