Zelensky is able to cancel some recent appointments Poroshenko

Зеленский может отменить ряд последних кадровых назначений Порошенко

After the inauguration, the team of Vladimir Zelensky will reconsider the “controversial decision” of the applicable guarantor’s Petro Poroshenko on the number of appointments that have taken place in recent weeks.

In the opinion of the adviser Zelensky Alexander Danilyuk, such rotation positions the night before the administration Poroshenko ends his cadence gets less trust from society. The latest action in an interview Liga.net he described as “a live on-new”.

“Our team Zelensky keeps track of all appointments (Poroshenko – 24 channel). Controversial decision will reconsider,” said danyluk.

He said that now the team Zelensky consults with the Center for combating corruption, which is headed by Vitaly Shabunin, and other public organizations regarding the change of personnel.

In addition, hinted that prepares the restart of the recruitment of judges of the Supreme Court, recently appointed Poroshenko as “respectability last caused the issue.”

“The Supreme court judges who were found dishonest, it’s unacceptable. The calculation is such that the new President will be busy with other matters, not before”, – said danyluk.

Among the priorities in first 100 days of work Zelensky danyluk called:

  • the fight against corruption: “we Have a plan to restart anti-corruption bodies”;
  • restoring order in the judicial system: “We plan to launch the recruitment and certification of judges”;
  • the reform of the SBU and the creation of the financial investigation Service. It is assumed that the latter will take part of the functions of the SBU and Ukraine.
  • The elimination of the tax police.

Zelensky himself recorded a video message to MPs, urging at the next meeting to vote on 19 may as the date of his inauguration. In the same video, he criticized the latest steps Poroshenko as President. In his opinion, the current guarantor commits irreversible. As an example, he cited the following steps:

  • making active changes in the top command of the army (Poroshenko dismissed the national guard commander Yuri Allenova and appointed acting commander Nicholas Balan; Poroshenko appointed Alexander Mirskogo new commander OOS);
  • trying to shove its President of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting;
  • appoints Supreme court judges, among them – lawyers “Roshen”, the Maidan judges and relatives of Mr Kivalov (he was Chairman of the CEC from February to December 8, 2004, he is accused of fraud in the 2004 elections, due to which Yanukovych won – 24 channel);
  • gives the title of generals of more than 20 persons, among which – the chief of arms, AFU Nikolay Shevtsov responsible for the security of depots and arsenals in which the explosions occurred in Balakliya, Ichnya, Chernigov and Svatove;
  • gives the title of Hero of Ukraine to Chairman of SBU Vasiliy Gritsak.

“But I understand that it is useless to say something to the person who says, I’m willing to lend a shoulder, and he holds two figs in your pocket. It reminds me of a tourist in Egyptian hotel – home tomorrow, bags are Packed, the room had been removed, and normally educated person waiting for the Shuttle to the airport. But not Poroshenko, he just won’t quit: pull towels, Slippers and takes everything from the buffet table,” spoke sharply Zelensky in the video.

When will be the inauguration Zelensky?

On 30 April the Central election Commission officially announced the victory Zelensky at the election of the President of Ukraine. Voted for by more than 73% of voters, and already on may 3 the official publication of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine” published. According to the law, not later than 30 days to be held the inauguration of the new guarantor, that is, until June 3.

The team Zelensky said earlier that the inauguration should take place as early as possible (probable dates they called 28 or 30 may), because in this case, can dissolve the Parliament. However, after some have already begun to insist on may 19. However, the specific date of the inauguration will be known only after it will determine the Verkhovna Rada or the President of the Parliament. The nearest plenary session to be held from 14 to 17 may. The speaker Parubiy assured that will do everything to make it happen as quickly as possible, so the date of the inauguration Zelensky Parliament may declare on may 14.

Зеленский может отменить ряд последних кадровых назначений Порошенко