Zelensky is trying to convince investors that they will be able to support the IMF program

Зеленский пытается убедить инвесторов, что сможет поддерживать программу МВФ

In the fight for the presidency candidate for the post Vladimir Zelensky seriously by investors and trying to convince them that they will be able to support the program of the International monetary Fund in the country.

“Vladimir Zelensky, 41-year-old comedian, who played the President, is now the leader to become the real leader of Ukraine, and his election team is trying to convince investors that it can maintain the IMF program in the country”, – stated in the message.

In turn, Petro Poroshenko, who leads Ukraine in the past five years, will take his opponent to the “light weight category” – because no previous political experience Zelensky unknown to the investors.

At the same time, the stakes are high, because Ukraine’s economy is weakened because of the conflict in the East, dependent on aid from the IMF amounting to billions of dollars.

Former Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine aivaras Abromavicius told the news Agency that Zelensky “will preserve the independence of the Central Bank and leave the Governor Akiva Smoliy, if he wins the second round”.

According to him, he will also be “reluctant to lobby Parliament to abolish the moratorium on the sale of farmland and change the order of taxation of enterprises”.

On the question of whether Zelensky “break the trust with investors”, which need to be overcome, Abromavicius said: “All the work”.

“Of course, he is a novice in politics. He doesn’t answer all the questions as he wants to hear from every voter, but every day &8203;&8203;we hear new specific statements,” he said.

Abromavicius, who had quarreled with Poroshenko in 2016, said Zelensky is determined to continue cooperation with the IMF, because “the IMF is an anchor of reforms in the country. IMF stands for macroeconomic stability”.

The ex Prime Minister outlined policies Zelensky, which includes an emphasis on cooperation with the IMF in fighting corruption and reforming law enforcement agencies, including the deprivation of their powers to investigate economic crimes.

Zelensky meeting with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce

In March Zelensky met with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce – “the elegantly dressed businessmen and women.” This meeting Zelensky commented on in social networks, “dressed in a gray t-shirt”.

The President of the American chamber of Commerce Andy Khander in response, said that “Poroshenko we largely feel that we know what will happen, and we expect the same conventional approach.” And added that “much less is known about candidate Vladimir Zelensky”.

Zelensky, according to Handera, conveyed the message that investors can conduct business with them.

“We looked at the program Zelensky, asked him specific questions when I met him,” said Khander. But the answers, he noted, was rather vague.

At the same time, Khander noted that “it is clearly stated that the IMF program will continue – despite the fact that he has made with the IMF in the TV show”.

Recall that in the TV series “servant of the people” fictional Ukrainian President is so drunk at dinner with the head of the IMF, which throws her into the pool.

Investors who spoke to Reuters, said that they assured Abromavicius and former Finance Minister Alexander danyluk advised Zelensky, but they have questions about the relationship of the comic with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

There are fears that the presidency Zelensky will help Kolomoisky is to receive compensation or reclaim ownership of the “PrivatBank”, which the government privatized in 2016.

Зеленский пытается убедить инвесторов, что сможет поддерживать программу МВФ