Zelensky: it is Necessary to introduce economic passport of the Ukrainian

Зеленский: Необходимо внедрить экономический паспорт украинца

The showman, the leader of the “Studio Quarter 95” Vladimir Zelensky, who wishes to compete for the presidency, noted that Ukraine needs to introduce the so-called economic passport. Writes Newsmir.info referring to Interfax Ukraine.

According to him, the document will start to operate at the time of the appearance of man on the light. For the new citizen of Ukraine will immediately open a special account, which will receive part of the funds received in the implementation of government different kinds of resources. It is, for example, about oil, land and other things. Once a person reaches adulthood, he will be able to dispose of accumulated money as he wants. In particular, they can be used as seed capital in starting their own business.

Recall that recently Vladimir Zelensky said about his plans towards full legalization of business activities in our country. He proposed to introduce in Ukraine the so-called “zero Declaration”. According to Vladimir Zelensky, it will be a great step towards the full elimination of domestic business “from the shadows”.