Zelensky made a splash prison reform, “was the First one.”

Зеленский произвел фурор тюремной реформой: "Первому досталось Гройсману"

Supporters of Vladimir Zelensky asked people how to influence officials

The social network Facebook sparked intense discussion of the recent reform proposed by the candidate from the party “people’s Servants”. Community in support of Vladimir Zelensky made a survey, how effective can such an initiative.

Formerly known comedian was on the territory of the Berezansky colony No. 95. His campaign travel policies shown in the video on the YouTube channel “ze!The President” called “Ukrainians are bred in the elections.” It turned out, Vladimir Zelensky, along with a team visited the prison for the filming of “public Servants – 3”.

The presidential candidate addressed the audience with an unusual idea. Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that while behind bars he “little reform came”. He suggested that all Ukrainian officials, at least for a short time locked in cells.”I think they would prochuvstvovali would it atmosphere. Less would definitely would like to steal,” – said Vladimir Zelensky in his video.

As it turned out, a lot of this idea was to the taste. Users agreed that officials should regularly down from heaven to earth. “Every one plant with konfiskacija property. Enough money to pay off debts to the IMF, still remain to development state!” – wrote one of them.

“100% agree with you!!!! Let every official be at least a little feel live as ordinary citizens” – supported by a commentator following the author. He suggested that officials ride in a dirty bus, were treated in rural hospitals and received the minimum wage. “Maybe then they will finally understand how ordinary people live, how much they really need to live that Ukrainians want to work at home and be with their families, seeing their children grow”.

One of the first prominent politicians under the impact of people got Vladimir Groisman. Commentator Denis Kamenev demanded to imprison all the current government headed by the Prime Minister. According to the initiative, to be released, officials would only have 28 years.

In addition, fell into disgrace, the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun. Along with her colleagues suggested at the time to hospitalize to free a Ukrainian hospital. Probably the only way the government will be able to feel the flaws of health reform.

Oksana Pilipeiko believes that officials should visit not only prisons, but everything else is exclusively in the Ukraine: “Let their children go to ordinary schools in our country, let them go to the hospital and the treating our family doctors, let their children go to the sea under permits that give our children in our sea!” – said the Ukrainian.

However, there were citizens who did not support the initiative of Vladimir Zelensky. So Arina Savitskaya said that in prison the inmates are fed at the expense of taxpayers. While the parents are forced to pay for the nutrition of children in kindergartens.

Зеленский произвел фурор тюремной реформой: "Первому досталось Гройсману"

Зеленский произвел фурор тюремной реформой: "Первому досталось Гройсману"

Зеленский произвел фурор тюремной реформой: "Первому досталось Гройсману"