Zelensky may not adhere to the quarantine. Because “boss is always right”

Зеленский может не соблюдать карантин. Потому что "шеф всегда прав"

Zelensky in the cafe… drinking coffee… without a mask… And that, despite the fact that food service establishments to 5-th can only run away or to accept clients on the summer grounds.

No, it is clear that in the mask to drink the coffee difficult. Want it or not, and to break the isolation necessary.

So, do you have it as a normal President. Right and perfectly from the point of view of the law.


Thirst is everything, image is nothing©.

And the photo OP. And full coming out. And beat me, torment me. Wonderful, just wonderful…

Well, there are glasenbach with the characteristic name Lyashko: “President Vladimir Zelensky did not violate quarantine constraints on June 3 in Khmelnytskyi, when drinking coffee inside the cafe and inspected the work of such institutions…”.

In General, he immediately put everything in its place:

The chef does not drink, chef tasting (inspects in this particular case…)

The boss yells, chief convincingly expresses his point of view (and Borispol Cherkasy)

The boss is never wrong, boss is taking risky decisions (“andikalovsky the law” and under conditions of interaction with the IMF)

The chief is not a coward, chief prudently goes (one step forward and two back three times daily)

The boss is not ignorant, the chief prefers barren creative practice theory (Quarter)

The boss mumbles, chief shares his reflections (press conference on the anniversary of the presidency)

Chef doesn’t lie, the chief diplomat (or just not in the know, due to the fact that “prefers creative practice”…)

Etc. fuller online…

“all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”© and it is extremely important to someone who will carry this Maxim to shirnarmass (meaning the masses).

Зеленский может не соблюдать карантин. Потому что "шеф всегда прав"