Zelensky met with relatives of prisoners in the Russian Ukrainians: discussed

Зеленский встретился с родными пленных в РФ украинцев: что обсудили

President Vladimir Zelensky met with the family of Ukrainians who are illegally held in Russia, in Russian-annexed Crimea and held captive by Pro-Russian militants in the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk.

The head of state said that he wants to thoroughly understand the issue of Ukrainian liberation from enemy captivity and had already held meetings with ombudsvumen Lyudmila Denisova, chief of staff Ruslan Hamakom and former representatives of Ukraine in the pipeline.

Zelensky thanked the family of prisoners of Ukrainians who came to the meeting.

We invite you all to listen to, exchange opinions and understand how you can accelerate the return of our boys,

– the President said.

According to him, it is important that the government cooperated with the relatives of prisoners, human rights defenders and members of the public who are fighting for the liberation of Ukrainians and are doing everything to they returned from Russia.

Also during the meeting it was noted that in this case it is important to take the bill on the status of prisoners of war.

Note, Zelensky had already met with relatives of the Ukrainian seamen, which Russia illegally fired and captured in the sea of Azov. The meeting was held in December 2018 before the concert “95 Quarter” in Odessa, where he was invited native prisoners of war. Then still Zelensky, who was planning to run for President was asked what might help the families of the sailors.

How many Ukrainians are in thrall to Russia?In Russian-occupied Crimea and on the territory of the Russian Federation the Kremlin pursues 115 Ukrainians for political reasons. 63 of the citizen of Ukraine – the Crimean Tatars. 38 Ukrainians from 115 already condemned. Fabricated case another 77 people are at the stage of pretrial investigation.

Among others, in the thrall of Russia are Crimean Tatar activist Eden Bekirov, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, activists Alexander Kolchenko and Mr Baluch. Russia is also illegally held in a Moscow jail of 24 Ukrainian sailors, who were captured in the Kerch Strait at the end of November 2018-wow.