Zelensky moves with Bank: where, how and who will organize the whole process, the details

Зеленский переезжает с Банковой: куда, за сколько и кто организует весь процесс, подробности

The intrigue with the moving of the presidential Administration Vladimir Zelensky has finally been solved.

Experts with whom I talked “Country”, do not rule out that Vavrish will decide not only construction but also financial matters.

The concept of the new Office of the President in the official video team Zelensky represented developer of Kyiv, the head of the company SAGA Development and each head of AP Andrey Bogdan – Andrei Vavrysh. He has built a lot in the center, where, among his objects “have a question”.

How exactly will “modernize” and how much it will cost – is not exactly known. Of the announced project, it is clear that there will be energy efficient offices on the principle of “common space”, a cafe (Zelensky for Starbucks).

“In the Ukrainian house – about 8 thousand square meters. The building itself there is a strong and in relatively good condition. I think that it will be converted to modern standards, will need up to $ 2 million. It is not excluded that will be offered to participate developers from the capital, so to speak, as the image project”, – said the expert of the market of real estate, managing partner of ARTA Property Management Michael Artyukhov.

Mainly for developers who have problems with the objects, this project can become a way of solving problems with government officials and regulatory authorities. As for Vaurie. In particular, his project at the hem, at the intersection of Sahaidachny and St. Andrew’s in development circles is “problematic” in terms of permits.

Questionable sources of funding already raised questions among the public.

“Move over. Funding from the budget for. But then to not work. That is, the financing must be transparent – who, how much and on what terms financed. Ukrainian house – against. Built for the Museum, with all the technology of microclimate and reservists. Therefore, to make the Museum of modern Ukrainian art, for example. In the former AP to be over. And with the share of the state, in addition to more taxes and dividends to the Treasury went. Once the idea of the Mariinsky Palace. I think that is quite acceptable. But the building really was built up from scratch with modern design and communications”, – wrote in Facebook businessman Oleg boruca.

Зеленский переезжает с Банковой: куда, за сколько и кто организует весь процесс, подробности