Zelensky ponders whether to sign the law on gambling business, preparing meeting Yermak and the Cossack. The most important of Telegram channels

Зеленский раздумывает, подписывать ли закон об игорном бизнесе, готовится встреча Ермака и Козака. Главное из Telegram-каналов

The editorial Board draws the reader’s attention that many popular Telegram-channels are anonymous, and published information is difficult to verify.

Zelensky is thinking whether to sign the law on the legalization of gambling

Telegram-channel “Legitimate” writes that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the coming days to sign the law on the legalization of gambling. Thus, argues the public, in the Office of the President, “there are consultations on this issue”.

“The President can still veto the law, so it was sent back for revision. In this bill there are nuances, which are known to the Office of the President. The battle for the “yorku” still ongoing,” concludes the Telegram channel.

Preparing meeting Yermak and the Cossack

The source of “Legitimate” in the President’s Office said that preparations began for a meeting of the head OP Andrey Ermak and Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak.

“First I have to finish telephone calls, and after – meeting. Perhaps it will be held in the European Union with the participation of the [representatives] of Germany and France”, – is told in the message.

Poturaev is the chief lobbyist of the draft law “On media”?

The chief editor of the publication LB.ua Sonya Koshkina says that the head of the profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Nikita Poturaev continues to lobby the draft law “On media” against which acts a significant part of the professional community.

“Against the bill as drafted was made by much of the media – national and regional, large and small, individual journalists and bloggers. In short, all sane people. Not just talking, but screaming scream: the bill can not be accepted! It is not correct to just wrap the fuck up and start from scratch. However, the head of the relevant Committee Mr Poturaev stubbornly pretends that nothing. And all those opposed, – agents of the Kremlin, oops, sorry, journalists Medvedchuk. All of us. Yes. And he’s the smartest. I’ve seen that. Music in such cases plays a short time”, – concluded the journalist.

“Servant of the people” changes the strategy for local elections?

“Resident” claims that the head of the Office of the President Andrey Ermak proposed to change the strategy in the local elections, “focusing on the coalition agreement in the regions.”

“The goal of the strategy is to get as many of their heads [regional councils] and secretaries of city councils, which will create the effect of the victory of the President’s team,” writes public.

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