Zelensky promised residents ORDO pension, which they and so pay

Зеленский пообещал жителям ОРДЛО пенсии, которые им и так выплачивают

Presidential candidate, showman Vladimir Zelensky, speaking about the reintegration of Donbass, said the need to “reach out” to the residents of the occupied territories, in particular, to resume his pension payments.

“We need to reach out to every person who lives in the East, in the temporarily occupied territories. And to explain to people that we are all Ukrainians. Not just to reach out, not just to promise, but to resume those relations to begin to pay pensions to people who live there,” said Zelensky, the TV channel “Ukraine” on Sunday evening, April 7.

What, in his opinion, needs to be a mechanism for the payment of pensions, the showman did not specify.

He also pointed out the importance of information campaigns and active communication with residents ORDO. According to Zelensky, they need to be convinced that you can “all agree”, and Ukraine to restore sovereignty over the occupied territories of Donbass.

“We need to tell them that, you guys just powdered brains. This is all an information war. That we wait for them, love. We all win. They are Ukrainians. Soon we all agree, the fighting is over, they return to the Ukraine. All the occupied territories”, – explained his position Zelensky.