Zelensky proposed to expand the law on lustration to officials of times Poroshenko

Зеленский предложил расширить действие закона о люстрации на чиновников времен Порошенко

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky proposed bill on extension of the law on cleansing of power (lustration) of the President, deputies, Ministers and other top officials who held positions from February 23 2014 to may 19, 2019.

“We have drafted the bill for the extension of the law “About the cleansing power”. Offer to the list of positions that fall under the lustration, add: the President of Ukraine, all people’s deputies of Ukraine, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet members, the attorney General, the head of the SBU, heads of the Antimonopoly Committee and the state property Fund, heads of the State fiscal service and customs, Secretary of the national security Council, the management of defense enterprises, which held office from 23 February 2014 to may 19, 2019,” said Zelensky in a video published on the page of the Office of the President Facebook on Thursday.

“We are accused that we want to abolish lustration. To know that we are not going to cancel lustration – we offer to strengthen it”, – the President added.

He pointed out that the bill is the only public evaluation of the activities of the relevant entities. “I am Confident that the actions of all these individuals in the future will receive a fair legal assessment”, – said Zelensky.

The President noted that in less than 2 months as President, especially after the recent trips to Ukraine, he “is just not enough acceptable words” after communicating with officials of different levels.

“You know – it’s a hopeless diagnosis. White-blue, red-white, orange, Burgundy, pink – in fact they are all the same suit. All of them purple!” – he explained.

Zelensky asks the question, why the need for MPs who leave parliamentary immunity, legitimize illicit enrichment, just don’t go to work; why you need Ministers who “tell us that Ukrainians eat too much” that “build roads only to their own Facebook and give birth to children in America” who “ruined the nation’s health and talk about the dangers of cherry pits”.

“Why do we need prosecutors who can put only your own liver? For what economy Minister Yanukovych calls citizens “bastards”, kicks from hand phones and promises to “give them face”?!” – continued the head of state.

“Every day I wonder what to do with them? Maybe we should exchange all our prisoners? Maybe putting a defective bullet-proof vests which they purchased, and sent to the front? I think the least you can do now, – to deprive them of all opportunities to participate in government,” – said the President.