Zelensky put the armed forces “in place” – completely subject to the Commander-in-chief

Зеленский поставил Генштаб ВСУ "на место" - полностью подчиняется Главкому

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has made changes to the regulations on the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine as the main military authority in defense planning state strategic planning of the use of the Armed forces and other components of the defence forces.

The corresponding decree №122/2020 he signed on March 27, the official website of the President.

The General staff performs the strategic leadership of the Armed forces and other defence forces that are engaged to perform tasks on ensuring national security and defence, to repel and deter the armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The General staff is guided now as the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, acts of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers, decrees of the Verkhovna Rada, orders and directives of the Supreme commander of the APU, orders and directives of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and Minister of defense, and orders and directives of the commander in chief of the armed forces.

The main tasks of the General staff are involved in the formation and implementation of state policy in the sphere of defense, strategy of military security, defense planning for the development of the Armed forces; implementation of national defense within the limits of authority, coordination and control of tasks in the field of defence, various government bodies; strategic planning and application (was previously “manage application”) of the Armed forces and other components of the defence forces; the training of the APU to the performance of their tasks, coordination and supervision of preparation of other components of the defence forces to perform tasks; planning of actions aimed at development, technical equipment, provide comprehensive support and maintenance capabilities of the APU, control of state of readiness to perform tasks for the state defence, the armed forces and other defense forces, who planned to transfer to the subordination of the commander-in-chief of the Armed forces.

The General staff continues to participate in the assessment of the level of military threats to the national security of Ukraine; assesses the strategic military situation in the interest of planning for the defence of the state, the use of the armed forces and other defence forces; carries out analysis and forecast of tendencies of development of means of warfare, forms and methods of conducting, an assessment of the situation in areas of possible actions of the APU.

The General staff develops the draft Strategic plan the use of the armed forces and other defence forces to repel armed aggression, and a Strategic plan for the use of the APU, which is for the consideration of the commander-in-chief of the APU, together with a draft joint order of the Minister of defence and commander-in-chief APU (previously Minister of defence, together with the draft joint order of the Ministry of defence and General staff).

The General staff of the Ukrainian army organizes the planning of the territorial defense of Ukraine, coordination and control of preparation of other components of the defence forces, bodies of Executive power and bodies of local self-government tasks in the field of defense; plans the measures on operational equipment of territory of the state.

It also organizes the preparation for the use of military units of the Armed forces to respond to acts of terrorism in air space, in territorial waters of Ukraine, combating the activities of illegal paramilitary or armed formations (groups), terrorist organizations, organized groups and criminal organizations; planning operations of the APU and other defence forces in cyberspace.

The General staff is now preparing proposals on the participation of the national contingent and national personnel of AFU in international peacekeeping operations and security and provides training and participation.

Also the staff in the special period provides the highest collegial body of the strategic military leadership of the defense of the state in case it is created (previously it was about the Rate of the Supreme commander of the armed forces of Ukraine); operates within the powers implementation of measures for mobilization and demobilization in the armed forces and other defence forces; shall, in cooperation with the State service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine management of telecommunications networks through a special national center.

The General staff provides for the exercise of direct military leadership of the Armed milami of Ukraine commander of the APU (previously was that the staff exercises its power directly and through bodies of military management of the APU).

In this case of the main tasks of the General staff removed the sub-items on the implementation of the monitoring and analysis of the space situation in the interests of the Armed forces and other defence forces to perform tasks for defense of the state; organizes and carries out control within the authority over the implementation of the Armed forces measures for the protection of troops and facilities from air attack.

Now the staff does not organize activities for the moral and psychological provision of preparation and use of APU; the rule of law and observance of military discipline in the army; support of activities for preserving the life and health of personnel; not involved in the performance of tasks in mine action; organizes the APU complex tasks of electronic warfare and electronic protection ensure; does not organize radiation, chemical and biological protection and ecological security in the army, organization, navigation, and execution of complex topographic, geodetic and cartographic works in the interests of ensuring the security and defense of Ukraine, as well as the performance of activities of land management land defense.

The main tasks of the General staff now does not include measures for the maintenance, operation, rehabilitation (repairs) of arms and military equipment, storage and use of ammunition, missiles and other military equipment for the army; implementation of measures to ensure the survivability, explosive and fire safety of arsenals, centers provide, bases and warehouses of the APU; the functions of logistic and medical support of the army, registration and writing off of military property.

Also among the main tasks of the General staff is no more cooperation with the armed forces of other States and international organizations on security.