Zelensky showed his new team: details

Зеленский показал свою новую команду: подробности

In a team of Vladimir Zelensky – replenishment

Comedian Vladimir Zelensky gathered to compete for the presidency of Ukraine, scored in his new team of assistants.

Each of the newcomers will be responsible for their direction in the election campaign of a showman. So, were occupied region political, legal and scientific, the press service of “see! Team.”

It is noted that for obseruations questions will now meet Dmitry Razumkov Director of “Ukrainian Politconsulting Group”.

Legal issues will take Iryna Venediktova, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, Department of civil law disciplines, Kharkiv national University named after V. N. Karazin, Vice-President of the Foundation for medical law and bioethics.

Well, “manage” science and education will now Sergey Babak is the Director of educational programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future.

As previously reported, the comedian announced that goes to the President, the TV channel 1+1 a few minutes before the New 2019.

“Dear Ukrainians, I promise you to go in presidents of Ukraine. And immediately do the following: I am running for President of Ukraine. Let’s do it together. Happy New year! With a new servant of the people”, – said the founder of “95 Quarter”.

However, the statement of the showman about his candidacy for the presidency has caused a storm of excitement in social networks. Some Internet users supported his decision, others said that categorically do not want to see politics without any experience, who is going to war with Russia to rule the country.

Also add that Zelensky in an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon tried to clarify some points of his program, which he then in the social network Facebook was asked to write to their followers. In particular, he stated that he will not go to the Donbass war, is willing to negotiate with Putin.

This caused a wave of anger among Patriotic Ukrainians who remembered his apologies to Ramzan Kadyrov and suggested that he will also be around to chat with the President of the aggressor country and it can end in Ukraine is very, very bad.

In an interview with the comedian also assured that does not receive any money or instructions from fleeing Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Зеленский показал свою новую команду: подробности

Зеленский показал свою новую команду: подробности