Zelensky supported the closure of independent media?!

Зеленский поддерживает закрытие независимых СМИ?!

In team the candidate has penetrated a lot of dubious characters who, in case of a victory of Vladimir Zelensky, will have a real terror.

Zaporozhets Evgeny Shevchenko, member of the three persons who were the heroes of the investigation, “Authorities” regarding the funding of the shadow campaign, Vladimir Zelensky, continues to use the location of the candidate.

We will remind, in the publication “Campaign Zelensky funds released from a Russian prison tycoon-separatist” journalists of our publication found that the campaign that the candidate actually provide an oligarch-separatist, owner of a chain of jewelry stores “Golden Age” of Roman Petrenko, a former MP Vladimir Calcium and Zaporizhia debtor-speculator Eugene Shevchenko.

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After “Authorities” published its investigation, the headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky Shevchenko was removed from the list of trusted identities, what was the local defeat of the Trinity. Now they’re planning to close down Internet resources, operating since 2002. Requirement they already stated in court, but was refused.

During yesterday’s visit to Kiev Vladimir Zelensky met with activists of his team. In addition to the leader of ze!-team Michael Kryachko and election agents, in the photo there is and the infamous Shevchenko (second from right), who apparently continues to use the location of the candidate stars.

The editors of the “Authorities” don’t understand how people demanding closure of the independent online publication, may enter into the circle of close associates of one of the democratic presidential candidates. Are we all simply kidding?