Zelensky – the killing of a military medic: This is another proof of the cynicism of fighters

Зеленский - об убийстве военного медика: Это очередное доказательство цинизма боевиков

President Vladimir Zelensky keeps under personal control the situation with the murder of a military medic and wounded soldiers during the evacuation of the body of the deceased soldier in the area of zaytsevo in Donetsk region.

The job of the head of state in place of the departed chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak and Deputy head of the office of President Roman Mashovets, the press service of the OP.

“We Express our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. This is a huge tragedy for them, for us, for the country,” said Zelensky.

He stressed that yesterday’s murder of the Ukrainian military, who wanted to take the body of a dead soldier from the battlefield near zaytsevo, “is another proof of the cynicism, mendacity and brutality of the militants.”

“There can be no double interpretation. There is a specific premeditated murder, ambush and re-murder. All this once again convinces us that the war continues,” said Zelensky.

The head of state said that the war will continue until the time when on the other side of the front line there are interested in destabilizing the situation and while the militants opened fire after the confirmation of the mode “silence” on the white helmets and physicians.

“This tragedy once again brings us back to the understanding of our fundamental values. Ukraine should firmly guard its territory. Ukraine should firmly respond to dastardly acts of the militants. Ukraine must clearly understand the risks incurred by the gray existence of criminal enclaves. Ukraine should always know the price of the “promises” the other side”, – said the President.

As reported, on 13 July, the illegal armed formations of the Russian Federation on Donbass fired at a group of Ukrainian military, which carried out the evacuation of the soldier’s body Mat in the area of zaytsevo. As a result of enemy fire military doctor were killed, one serviceman got wounds, one more – combat injury.

Prosecutors investigating the firing of medical personnel during the evacuation of the body of the deceased as a violation of the laws or customs of war, combined with the deliberate murder.

Vladimir Zelensky