Zelensky took the team associated with Yanukovych supporter of the Russian world

Зеленский взял в команду связанного с Януковичем сторонника русского мира

New member of the team of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Aleksandr Harbin were part of the entourage of the fugitive oligarch and ally of former President Viktor Yanukovych Sergey Kurchenko. He also was a supporter of the “Russian world”. About it with indignation, reporters and bloggers in the social network Facebook.

“Alexander Harbin will be responsible for the language and information policy! This is the official infa staff Zelensky. The fact that he leads his FB page in Russian – it is. But the biographical background of the news of his appointment in ‘ 15 for the position of Deputy Director General of the National broadcaster. Until the 13th – worked with Kurchenko” – said the journalist Mariana, Piecuch.

Blogger Alex Noyt shared the link to an interview Karabina television “direct”, in which then future Advisor Zelensky appears as a supporter of the “Russian world”, admiring the Soviet Union.

“As expected. That is why they are pulling with the announcement of team names, because there are so saccarine characters – what nowhere to put the stigma. However, for the same reason and the Vova so hard to hide. The fans themselves or worse, and that will instantly destroy the illusion of a considerable number of his fans”, – he wrote.

Journalist Vitaliy Gaydukevich also stressed that the purpose of the team Zelensky does not seem strange if we remember that candidate was supported by the Russian propagandists Natalia Poklonskaya and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

“What is there to wonder if Poklonsky to zhirik and Zyuganov are all happy Zelensky. To return to the Soviet Union 10 days left?” – asked the journalist.

Assistant Minister of culture of Ukraine Yulia Datsenko also indignant words Harabin of the Soviet Union.

“The Soviet Union as a core value of Ukraine? Trouble. “The new team” is getting brighter”, she stated.

In turn the Lawyer Elena Tishchenko emphasized that Zelensky may not appreciate all the political “mnogohodovki”, and in case of his victory in a short time the country will return Kurchenko and other oligarchs of the Yanukovich clique.

Recall, during the time of Alexander Yanukovych Harbin was a member of the Supervisory Board and the operating Director of Ukrainian media Holding, after its acquisition by Sergey Kurchenko.