Zelensky visited the synagogue in Kherson in April that tried to set fire to

Зеленский посетил синагогу в Херсоне, которую в апреле пытались поджечь

The chief Rabbi of the region thanked the President for the quick reaction of the Ukrainian authorities on the incident.

President Vladimir Zelensky during his working trip to Kherson and visited the synagogue of Chabad, which in April of this year tried to set fire to. About it reports a press-service of the head of state.

The President met with the chief Rabbi of Kherson and Kherson region Joseph Isaac wolf inspected and repaired the synagogue.

The chief Rabbi thanked the President for the quick response of the Ukrainian authorities on the incident.

In addition, a quick disclosure of the crime presented letters of commendation to the chief of police of the Kherson region Alexander Prokudin and the head of the SBU in the region Sergei Krivoruchko.

“It is important that at the international level – most importantly – appreciate. Because there is a hybrid information war, when told that we have xenophobia, anti-Semitism. Such actions are very important to show that in Ukraine the level of anti-Semitism is very low. If there are attempts – we prevent them,” said Zelensky.

Recall the night of April 20 in Kherson threw a bottle with flammable liquid in a local synagogue. The fire did not happen, as the liquid caught fire. Information about the attempted arson was reported to the police about three in the morning. The applicant said that he had seen an unidentified man torched a bottle, threw her on the threshold of the synagogue, Theatre street and ran away.

Three weeks later the SBU announced the arrest of two neo-Nazis in the attempted arson of the synagogue. The crime associated with Hitler’s birthday.

Chabad synagogue built in 1895. By 1941, she acted as a house of worship. After the overhaul and restoration of the synagogue was opened in 2010.

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