Zelensky Vs. Klimkin: the expert explained what the whole point of the confrontation between the President and the Minister

Зеленский Vs. Климкин: эксперт объяснил, в чем вся соль противостояния президента и министра

Zelensky, and Klimkin should remember that they are primarily government officials, and all their actions should be directed on observance of interests of the country. This is in exclusive comments the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA was told by the expert at brand communications, a former officer of the strategic communications of the General staff of the armed forces Yuriy kochevenko.

Commenting on the fact that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky intends to bring to disciplinary responsibility of the Minister of foreign Affairs Paul klimkina, who sent an official note of the Russian Federation, without coordinating it with the head of state, our interlocutor said the following: “on the one hand, the foreign Ministry demonstrates disloyalty to the current President, on the other hand, the President is showing incompetence.”

According to the expert, the Minister in a similar situation had, at least, to consult with the President and give him professional advice.

“At the same time, the President shall as head of state, responsible for foreign policy, to establish constructive communication with the Ministry of foreign Affairs and to prevent such situations. Such behavior is inconsistent with the spirit of state policy”, – said Yuriy kochevenko.

As to the notes, then, according to the companion publication, “Klimkin was right.”

“Russia tried to lure us into a legal trap. And his statement, despite the fact that it someone could seem harsh, in my opinion, this should be. Because it is an illusion that if we were more loyal and flexible in communication with the aggressor, he would have gone on some concessions. It is not, this is nonsense. Perhaps someone thinks that if we are very polite and considerate, Russia will behave differently to lead. This is not so. Russia will go to the release of the seamen only when it will not have other exit, that is such a total international pressure that to keep them would be dangerous, and foreign policy and loss of reputation are impressive. Therefore, Russia is trying to bring Ukraine into another level of dialogue through such “constructive”, – said Kochevenko.

According to experts, it is unacceptable that the state was in such chaos, when the President publicly challenged certain actions of the Minister of foreign Affairs.

“And Zelensky, and Klimkin should remember that they are in the second phase of the policy, but first and foremost they are public figures – the President and the Minister. And all their actions should be directed on observance of interests of the state. But from the point of view of what relations with Russia, I’m more on the side of klimkina. Zelensky had to deal with this situation without making it public, and especially shouldn’t make statements that allegedly we had some opportunities to negotiate with Russia, Klimkin them with his note crossed out. He’s not crossed out because no chance really was not” – summed up the interlocutor of the edition.