Zelensky was not hemmed in by Ukrainians in jail, there was an urgent appeal: “give up your ass, you…”

Зеленский не сдержался из-за украинцев в тюрьме, появилось экстренное обращение: "Поднимайте задницы, надо..."

President Vladimir Zelensky rushed to the aid of the signed Ukrainian, correcting the mistake of his predecessor Petro Poroshenko

On the eve of a court in Italy recognized fighters of the national guard Vitaly Marcia guilty in the murder of photographer Andrea Rokkelli in the Donbass in 2014. The people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko reacted sharply to the incident in Facebook, accusing the ex-President Petro Poroshenko and his team of criminal negligence, which affected many soldiers.

Vitaly Marcia was detained by police of the Italian Bologna in 2017. Suspect in murder of Italian photojournalist Roselli under the Slavonic. The decision the court announced without preamble. The court gave the Ukrainian a maximum period of 24 years, although the Prosecutor had asked for 17 years. The former national guardsman was also ordered to pay 30 thousand euros in compensation to the family of the deceased. To the last Markiv did not agree with the charges, insisting on his innocence in the death of a journalist. Currently he is in prison in the suburbs of Milan.

Semen Semenchenko said that the Ukrainian volunteers suffer from 2014 through the fault of the old regime led by Petro Poroshenko. According to him, the fifth President broke a promise and did not provide a fair trial for the military.

“When we went as volunteers to divide up positions in Ukraine. Out of cowardice before Putin they have not fulfilled their obligations to protect the Ukrainian volunteers. Therefore, volunteers judged not only in Italy. In Ukraine there are people convicted for “illegal solicitation documents” (Checking documents in a combat zone), illegal penetration into the dwelling (Verification of residence when entering the village “the grey zone”), auto theft (the use of the car taken from the enemy for the delivery or transportation of the wounded of reinforcements). We talked about it all five years in Parliament and demanded Poroshenko and his most to meet the requirements of the Constitution and laws and protect their soldiers,” stressed the author of the publication.

He also commented on the Express orders of Vladimir Zelensky addressed to the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. The President ordered to take a return Marcia Vitali from Italy to his homeland. And also instructed Ukrainian diplomats in Italy to keep in touch with the Ukrainian veteran. MP was supported by the zeal of the head of state appealed to officials with the requirement to hurry:

“Zelensky, the President instructed the foreign Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s office to immediately address the issue of returning to Ukraine convicted by an Italian court to 24 years soldier, the Maidan activist Vitali Marcia. By this time, Ukrainian diplomats in Italy is entrusted to constantly be in touch with Merkavim. Drew attention to the fact that Zelensky called Marcia “our veteran”. Here’s yet and all the revenge. Lutsenko and Klimkin, get your Asses up. Need to learn Ukrainian volunteer”.

It should be noted that the head of Ukraine is concerned about the fate of not only Marcia. Earlier Vladimir Zelensky personally called Russian President Vladimir Putin. He discussed with the leader of the country agresorioooooooooo the war in the Donbass and the return of captured Ukrainian servicemen.

Зеленский не сдержался из-за украинцев в тюрьме, появилось экстренное обращение: "Поднимайте задницы, надо..."

Зеленский не сдержался из-за украинцев в тюрьме, появилось экстренное обращение: "Поднимайте задницы, надо..."