Zelensky was removed from office

Зеленский снял с себя полномочия

President Vladimir Zelensky signed a law suggesting amendments to the law of Ukraine on national security. Already voted for it people’s deputies, and Zelensky only put his signature. This is stated on the website of the Verkhovna Rada in the special card of the law.

The provisions adopted in this document will take effect from 27 March and will delineate the duties and position of chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the General staff of the armed forces and the individual armed forces. After the entry into force of the new paragraphs of the post of chief Genshtaba and commander will be separated. Will also be a different order of appointment, limited power between them. Furthermore, will be spelled out the procedure for the organization of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Zelensky signed law Photo: screenshot

Earlier it was reported that separation of the posts of commander-in-chief and the chief of staff armed forces of Ukraine should enter into force on 1 January 2021. Recently, however, the military acknowledged that they are ready to carry out this reform sooner. Therefore, this bill was considered by the extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada on March 4.

Recently, Vladimir Zelensky performed in the framework of the event on presentation of new system of video fixing of infringements of traffic regulations. The President noted that this system worked for a long time, but in test mode and now it will work at full power. The police will be able to obtain timely information on speeding and other violations from 20 cameras installed in Kiev on the most dangerous sections of roads. Receipt needed to pay the fine will be sent to the vehicle owner a letter.

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