Zelensky will fall to Russia. What are the prospects for the modernization of the Ukrainian army?

Зеленский падет к России. Каковы перспективы модернизации Украинской армии?

What awaits the Ukrainian army during a mass transition to NATO standards?

During innaguratsii the new President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky mentioned that no small part of it will be spent on raising the army. It does not specify where else to raise “the strongest army on the continent.” But what will happen to the APU if you look at it objectively? The new head of state is clearly not planning to go with a course of Westernization, and will continue to try to provide our troops with weapons under the NATO standard. Is there any such possibility?

In theory, the APU has a great chance fast enough to go under the Western standard – experience of designing tanks a 120mm NATO gun they have firearms chambered 5,56х45 they used, even the piece of artillery 155mm translated into “NATO” caliber.

That’s just actually the situation is much worse. The scimitar is the only tank armed with a 120mm cannon, it is issued in one copy for the Turkish tender and Packed with European components, mass production of such tanks Ukraine to pull can not. And even if you can, or transfer more older machines to the new system, you still will not be enough shells for the stock of such ammunition in Ukraine is not, and what to do with impressive stockpiles of Soviet ammunition is unclear.

In the artillery the situation is somewhat better – there is a possibility of alteration of the domestic trunks for the new caliber, but the shells were still produced only in small batches.

To talk about replacing AK in Ukraine is stupid, nobody is going to change this system because of the huge stockpiles of ammunition.

In the end, there will probably be a few “parade” cars and only loud statements. In any event, no prospects of confrontation real, and not imaginary Russian army there. Too unequal forces. Probably Zelensky will fall to Russia.