Zelensky will not block the startup of the electricity market in the interests of Kolomoisky – Peter oleschuk

Зеленский не будет блокировать запуск рынка электроэнергии в интересах Коломойского, - Петр Олещук

Analyst Peter oleschuk, commenting on statements of the President of Ukraine at a meeting with representatives of Ukrainian business on June 20, explained that Vladimir Zelensky has made it clear that will not block the startup of the electricity market from 1 July.

This analyst has reported on his page on the social network Facebook..

“Zelensky clearly stated – with the launch of the 1 July new electricity market, “Rotterdam”, the formula will lose its relevance. With all its pros and cons. This thesis is interesting for several reasons. First, it is really true that in the new market conditions on the formation of tariffs no formula will not be applied, the price of electricity will be supply and demand. Second, was confounded skeptics who believe that Zelensky in any case will block the introduction of a new market in the interests of Kolomoisky”, – wrote oleschuk.

According to the analyst, Zelensky preferred implementation of Ukraine’s international obligations, one of which is the introduction of a new model of the electricity market, not the protection of the interests close to him businessmen, in particular Igor Kolomoisky.

“For Kolomoisky prevent power market question archepiscopal. Preservation of state regulation of tariffs for industrial consumers gives him a perspective of the special rates for energy-intensive Ferroalloy production, as it was in 2012-2014. When Zelensky speaks publicly about the electricity market as a way of avoiding formula-based pricing, he makes it clear – between the interests of “friendly business” and international obligations of Ukraine he chooses the latter. And it is definitely a strong move,” said oleschuk.

We will remind, according to the adopted by the Verkhovna Rada Law of Ukraine “On electricity market”, the new electricity market needs to be introduced on 1 July 2019. Market launch is the obligation of Ukraine as part of the implementation of the Third energy package of the European Union (EU). The launch market is a condition of Ukraine’s cooperation with the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the provision of macro-financial assistance from EU in the amount EUR 500 million in the current year.