Zemlyansky about the “risk of loss of gas transit”: It is nothing more than election campaign Poroshenko

Землянский о «риске потери транзита газа»: Это не более чем предвыборная кампания Порошенко

The issue of the Ukrainian GTS, is complex, and to solve it in the two-sided version does not work. This in an exclusive interview to the correspondent of the Internet publication Ukraine news – From-UA was told by the independent expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

Commenting on the statement of the head of Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV about the fact that after the launch of the controversial gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2” the Ukrainian gas transportation system will be completely unclaimed, our interlocutor said: “This is nothing more than political speculation, the election campaign of the Pro-government candidate Mr. Poroshenko, for which Putin is one of the factors mobilizing the electorate.”

According to the expert, technically the “Northern stream-2” will not run at full capacity in 2020, therefore, the transit through Ukrainian territory will occur in automatic mode, regardless of who will lead the country and “Naftogaz”.

“The question today is the legal registration of the conditions of transit through the territory of Ukraine in the coming years. Plus, in the complex of measures, which we have already said 30 times, starting from the requirements of the Third energy package. Or in the end to abandon the Third energy package and to say that does not work well, we work according to European rules, or to fulfill them”, – said V. Zemlyanskyy.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, the problem is very complex and to solve it in the two-sided version does not work.

“We need trilateral talks, which must comprehensively address all these issues, and the issues of modernization, and, perhaps, preservation, and issues of transit that will occur in the next 3-5 years. We need to insist at least on medium-term contracts – up to 5 years”, – adds the analyst.

In addition to the cost of transit, the expert drew attention to such an important time, as the operation modes of the Ukrainian GTS.

“TCU will be in demand as a balancing system that will increase gas consumption in the EU, and will need to increase the rise from underground storage, i.e. to increase the volume of gas transported through the Ukrainian route in the cold season. And financial the issue of creating a consortium with a possible subsequent transfer or not transfer of the Ukrainian GTS. That is the whole complex of issues should be on agenda. Mr KOBOLEV puts an end to all and puts it all in the plane of a purely political rhetoric. Let’s not forget that we have the EU, which has a vested interest in reaching agreements between Kiev and Moscow,” adds Valentin Zemlyansky.