Zhigunova shot in the head by a famous actor

Жигунову выстрелил в голову известный актер

The incident happened on the set of the film.

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Sergey Zhigunov said that it was recently fired. On the forehead of the actor remained an injury, after the service weapon of the actor Maxim Averin.

About the incident the actor said on his official page in “Instagram”. Zhigunov posted a selfie which shows that he is in the middle of the forehead “flaunts” abrasion. Sergei explained under the cause of their injury. According to the artist, the day of the Navy he was shot from a service weapon actor Maxim Averin. At the end of his post star concluded that the colleague eventually “fell” into it.

The media speculated that the actor could get injured on the set of the TV series “Goryunov”. Supposedly now making a sequel of the film in the suburbs. This multiserial film Averin plays a major role.

Fans Zhigunov left under the photo many wishes of good health to the actor, was asked to take care of yourself. Also the fans in comic form scolded his colleague for this shot. “The scars adorn men”, “be Careful with weapons,” “Found someone to shoot. And you answered him” – asked followers. Someone from the fans of Sergey also said that this is not the first injury of the aggregate on the set. In the “Cadets” the actor injured his eye with a sword.

We will remind, not so long ago, a good friend Zhigunov recalled old trauma of the actor. Painter Sergey Zagraevsky told how the artist experienced separation with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.