Zhytomyr authorities are allowed to resort to public transport more than 10 people

Житомирские власти разрешили пускать в общественный транспорт больше 10 человек

In Zhytomyr increased the permitted number of passengers in the transport and allowed to sell to shops by the markets. This writes Житомир.info

Details: Executive Committee of Zhytomyr city Council 26 March made a difference in the decision concerning restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the territory of Zhytomyr community.

In connection with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers about the extension of the quarantine to 24 April 2020 the Executive Committee changed the date of completion of restrictive measures – from April 3 to April 24, and some items outlined in the new edition.

In particular, up to 24 April 2020 are not allowed to work the food markets, in addition to the facilities located around the perimeter of the market, with a separate entrance from outside the territory of the market while ensuring the appropriate personnel with means of individual protection, limiting the congestion of visitors in the premises for a maximum of one person per 10 square meters and the prevention of trade in food products without packaging with open shelves.

Regarding public transportati the Executive Committee agreed on the number of passengers for each transport mode. Set standards: in the urban electric transport (trolleybus, tram) up to 20 passengers on large buses (with a total Seating capacity of 40 or more passengers) – 15 passengers in small buses that seat up to 10 passengers.

  • The government has allowed JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” in spite of the stop 18 Mar rail on the territory of Ukraine, to carry out domestic and international flights by agreement in each particular case.
  • The mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko told about the details of citizens who have in the capital on Monday, March 16, recorded the infection with coronavirus.
  • Chief sanitary doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko said that four out of seven infected with the coronavirus in Ukraine received infection in the country.
  • Law enforcement officers and epidemiologists will test, observe whether the two-week isolation Ukrainians who returned from abroad.
  • Metropolitan hospitals have a 380 artificial lung ventilation (ALV). 93 of them are in reference hospitals for the treatment of infected with a coronavirus.