Zlochevsky draws on your offshore land in the port “South”

Злочевский оформляет на свой оффшор землю в порту «Южный»

Former Minister of environment in the government of the times of Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Zlochevsky, reissue rights previously acquired its structures land around pier No. 38 in the sea port “South”. This is evidenced by the materials of the Antimonopoly Committee, according to enkorr.

The AMC received a request from one of the main companies Zlochevsky Brociti Investments Limited of the intention to acquire control of another Cypriot company – Serfilana Commercial LTD. This issue was tabled in Committee on January 24.

On Brociti Investments Limited was the main business Zlochevsky – gas company Burisma.

Serfilana Commercial LTD as of January 2019 owns 4 Ukrainian companies – “Company Agrostil”, “TECHAGRO”, “TECHAGRO-invest” and “Investment company Agroprom”. It’s 4 out of 5 structures from the environment Zlochevsky, who in the summer of 2014 purchased/leased 80 hectares of land around pier No. 38 of the seaport “southern” for placing the facilities of the “sea transport”.

Serfilana Commercial issued control over these companies two months ago in November 2018.

In March 2018 has information about the possible construction of structures Nikolay Zlochevsky oil transshipment complex in the port “South”.

In a press-service of administration of seaports of Ukraine then confirmed that the berth No. 38 suitable for the arrangement of the oil terminal.