Zombie Imbeciles and other varieties of the undead in Dying Light 2

Зомби-дегенераты и прочие разновидности живых мертвецов в Dying Light 2

Despite the fact that 2 Dying Light – zombie Thriller, the walking dead themselves, the developers at Techland , we still really didn’t say anything. To rectify the situation in a hurry the website GamesRadar+, which shared exclusive concept art of one of the dead and conveyed the words of the lead game designer of the sequel Timona Smektala (Tymon Smekta?a) disclosed some details about the infected.

Zombies on the image below previously belonged to the faction of peacekeepers, as you can guess by its blue uniforms. Peacekeepers in Dying Light 2 – group of paramilitary populists seeking to restore order in a post-apocalyptic world using brute force.

Recall that the game takes place 15 years after the events of the first part. Since the original dead have time to seriously change. Smektala described the cycle of metamorphosis of the zombie, giving the name of each of the stages of infection:

• Viral. Victims of the virus, at first, retain human traits, and are therefore very fast and dangerous, and avoid the sun.

• Biter. The next stage of transformation – the classic zombie. As expected, this kind of undead moves slowly and is afraid of sunlight.

• Degenerate. If dead for a long time in the sun, chunks of flesh begin to fall off from them. This is one of the weakest opponents in the game.

• Volatile. The most dangerous type of undead that hunts only at night. Smektala recommends that you immediately run as soon as you meet with these monsters.

The game designer adds that should not be underestimated even ordinary opponents. Action is arranged in such a way that a collision with enemies happen overnight, so you need to always be alert.

Dying Light 2 will appear on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Release date of the game is still not acquired.

Зомби-дегенераты и прочие разновидности живых мертвецов в Dying Light 2