Zotko: a Recipe for victory Olympic – team work

Зотько: Рецепт победы Олимпика - командная работа

Defender summed up the match against city.

Marseille defender Ivan Zotko commented on the match against Lviv, where his team managed to win with a score 2:0.

“We haven’t won. It worked: used the points I had and really did well in defense. We have not given virtually nothing the opponent to create at our gate. Everyone is happy”.

“Draw, win. Gradually we will come confidence. The moment I took out a ball from empty gate? I saw that Kitsch is far out and just went to insure it, glad I caught you”.

“I think the recipe for winning – teamwork. We defended and attacked as one. Marseille had to win in the last round to Mariupol, but it did not happen, the referee did not a penalty. Can’t mark Teixeira, he’s handsome,” said Zotko the official website of Donetsk.

Previously the assessment was given by the author of the double in the match striker Maxime Teixeira.