Zozulya decided how to deal with a Spanish politician who called him a neo-Nazi

Зозуля решил, как разберется с испанским политиком, который обозвал его неонацистом

Forward Albacete Roman Zozulya is going to sue a Spanish politician Pablo Iglesias, who called him a “neo-Nazi”.

This was reported by the agent of the Ukrainian Vladimir Kuzmenko.

29-year-old Roman Zozulya, who is the leader of the Association of Spanish left-wing “Podemos-Unidos” called a neo-Nazi, together with his club is preparing a lawsuit to the court. Zozulya personally appealed to lawyers to Albacete that will help him to bring the case to court.

The representative of the ex-striker “Dynamo” and “Dnepr” Vladimir Kuzmenko noted that “Pablo Iglesias needs to do their own Affairs, and the old tough guy who will dedicate himself to football despite the fact that the situation upset him”.

Sport 24 wrote that before on the protection of Ukrainian steel in his team and football Federation of Ukraine.

The scandal surrounding the Roman Zozulya: what happened?
February 1, 2017, it was announced that Roman Zozulya goes to Rayo Vallecano on loan. The transition to a new club was accompanied by mass protests of fans. They accused the Novel of having links with ultra-right organizations in Ukraine. As an example quoted the support of the Ukrainian army in the war in the Donbass.

Themselves as fans of “Rayo” belong to ultralevel organizations, some of them fought on the side of the invaders in the Donbas. So they used Pro labels, calling the Roman Zozulya “neo-Nazi”. Eventually it “caught” and fans of other Spanish clubs who are leftists.

Therefore, the transition of the player in Rayo “was thwarted. Given that the transfer window was already closed, FIFA, exceptionally, allowed him to move to any other club that plays on system” spring-autumn “.

In the summer of 2017 Roman Zozulya moved to the “Albacete”, which is still. 29-year-old this season, played 28 matches for the team Albacete, scored 8 goals and 2 assists. His team is in third place in Second division and has a chance to improve in the classroom.

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