“Zrada” no: Markarova commented on the results of IMF mission’s visit without the agreement of the

"Зрады" нет: Маркарова прокомментировала итоги визита миссии МВФ без соглашения

Oksana Markarova

The Ministry of Finance confirmed the significant progress and coordination of many parameters of the future programme with the International monetary Fund. About this on his page in Facebook said the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, stating that “zrady no”, and the government actively promoted the coordination of the program,

“Colleagues from the IMF has completed its work in Kyiv and issued a statement on the completion of the mission. The Ministry of Finance confirmed significant progress had been made and negotiation of many parameters of the future program,” wrote Markarova.

The Minister noted that those who regularly read the statements, I noticed that there is no phrase after the “but.”

“Zrada” no. Actively move towards the harmonization program,” said Markarov.

Recall, Goncharuk said that working with the IMF on a new program still in progress.

The IMF mission concluded a visit to Ukraine and promises discussion in the coming weeks.

The mission held talks with the Ukrainian leadership on a new three-year extended credit facility to replace the program “stand by”, which amounted to 3.9 billion dollars. Details of the new program the Ukrainian delegation discussed with the IMF in Washington last month.