79-year-old Ukrainian claims that never hurts. Health secrets of unique women

She quickly runs up the stairs to the ninth floor and squats a hundred and fifty times without stopping. With such exercise may not handle every girl, a 79-year-old Lydia Shepherd — not even choking, the newspaper “Express”.

Woman daily pressed by the floor, sit-UPS, squats, jumping rope for an hour doing almost a hundred different exercise with the wards. She is a coach for physical rehabilitation in Khmelnytskyi. Helps to restore strength and health of nearly fifty women and men suffering from diseases of the spine and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

After a few sessions patients feel relief within a month and a half, cease to complain of pain in the back and joints, become slender, active and cheerful. They say forget about medicines, and the doctors treat rare.

“It is not easy, admits MS Lydia. — If you want to restore health, it should be good proptly and tired!”.

To coach Lydia Shepherd allows special education. Two years ago she graduated from University and got diploma of the teacher — the teacher of physical education and health basics. Classes are conducted by the method based on the fundamental principles of gymnastics hadu authorship Zviad Arabuli. It not only restores the function of the musculoskeletal system, but also improves vision, memory, internal organs, regulates metabolism and rejuvenates the body.

“Becoming a coach made life, says Lydia Shepherd. In his youth, was very painful. Plagued with chronic sinusitis, constant colds, was on account of a disease of the stomach. And then tired to swallow the pills and constantly visit the clinic. Decided to radically change the way of life. Since 1975, engaged in recreational physical activity and winter swimming.

Every morning do exercises and poured the bucket of water, cooled to seven or eight degrees. After such a soul will feel fit and full of energy. This procedure improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system!

Since began the practice of hardening and healthy and actively way of life, do not get sick even with the flu or a cold, do not use any medicines and do not seek help from doctors. And other people try to learn to overcome their diseases.”

One of the leading roles in the recovery of Lydia takes nesnow, or a separate feed. Inthe pack eats only vegetables, fruit and a slice of rye bread. Lunch — dumplings, potatoes or buckwheat porridge without meat and the 200 — 300 grams of lettuce. Meat products and other protein foods consumes the evening for a few hours before bedtime.

On weekdays every morning Lydia Shepherd in a hurry. She also works as an engineer for standardization at a cardboard factory. Each evening conducts classes in physical rehabilitation. A weekend is selected on the suburban Villa, where there is a small garden and a vegetable garden.

“When more than four decades ago undertook the recovery of his body, set himself the goal is to be all the time on my feet with the bright mind and not sit on the neck in children. Happy that I managed to achieve this”, — proudly says the woman.


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