55 years ago launched the first large-scale campaign against the most widespread bad habits

June 8, 1963, the American cardiology announced the first campaign against Smoking. They decided to radically change people’s attitudes to cigarettes, writes the Express online.

They were forced to resort to such a step.

Here are some facts:

1. In 1963, the U.S. had a record number of smoked cigarettes – more than 4 thousand units per capita. By that time, tobacco use has steadily increased.

2. In 1960 the tobacco industry in the United States suffered the first severe blow. The jury decided to satisfy the claim of a widow whose husband died of lung cancer – they say that the disease was provoked by Smoking. However, the court dismissed the claim of the plaintiff about the payment of money, the tobacco company forced her husband to smoke, that was his voluntary choice.

3. After a number of lawsuits against the tobacco companies has increased each year. In particular, in 1961 there were 10 of them a year from 17 in 1963 to about forty.

Congress urged the doctors to investigate the influence of Smoking on heart health and designated February “the month of the heart”.

Currently, a single law that would regulate Smoking in the United States no, each state has the opportunity to restrict smokers to their own discretion. So, for example, in Florida you can smoke in bars, and in some cities in California do not light a cigarette even on the pedestrian part of the road. The biggest tax on cigarettes is set in new York, where he was twice above the average for the country.

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