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American researchers are convinced that to determine that the person is gifted, not only with the help of special tests (e.g., IQ), but also through the study of his lifestyle.

Psychologists from the United States explain on what grounds you define genius, writes a Curious Mind.

1. You do not have a normal sleep and mode

That is, you have the disturbance of circadian (biological processes associated with the change of day and night) rhythms. That is why gifted people usually go to bed very late.

You’re working late

2. A tendency to rough mats

The best sign that you’re a genius. American researchers believe that the brain “geniuses” designed to be fast and therefore does not pick the correct words to describe the desired phenomenon. Thanks to this genius can quickly absorb a huge amount of information.

3. The lack of order in the house

Creative mess in the house is not always about laziness of man, but of her genius. All because such people think it is natural: the stream of consciousness does not allow them to be cleaned, and the piles of papers and objects they can freely navigate.

You have a creative mess

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