10 compulsory examinations, which should make every man

If you don’t want to get sick, the list of tasks that you must perform, the number one place medical examination, mandatory for your age. Such surveys help to detect diseases at early stages when they are easier to cure, the website “Iliaktida”. The age at which you should begin to pass regular examinations, may be different depending on the gender, age, history of disease or genetic risk factors, as well as other factors. Mandatory testing for men: • cholesterol: at least every 5 years starting at 35 years of age. If you smoke or have diabetes, or in your family there were cases of cardiovascular diseases, begin to check cholesterol levels from the age of 20. • Blood pressure: at least every 2 years. • Screening for colorectal cancer: beginning at 50 years of age. Your doctor will help you choose the best for you the type of examination. How often to repeat it – depends on the type of survey. • Screening for diabetes: if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol in the blood. • Depression: if you feel “broken”, if you captured the despondency and sense of hopelessness if there is no interest and the taste of life and these symptoms do not leave you for 2 weeks. • Sexually transmitted disease: if there is such a need. • Screening for prostate cancer: the test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), digital rectal examination and / or ultrasound examination. • Hearing test: every year starting at age 50, which increases the risk of hearing loss. • Vision test: every year since 45 years, when usually the problems begin with vision. • Visit the dentist 1-2 times a year for proper care of teeth.

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