5 dietary trace elements important for healthy teeth and gums

By entering in the diet with the right products, you can ensure your teeth and gums is extremely useful for them.

Food gives the teeth and gums essential trace elements. Professionals tell which ones are particularly important for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Calcium. If it is not enough, is the destruction of tooth enamel. It is therefore important that in the daily menu contained food sources, for example, cheese, eggs, meat, milk and also a variety of cabbage.

Phosphorus. Makes the teeth white. Body help phosphorus foods such as red meat, fish, buckwheat, dairy products, beans.

Magnesium. Its deficiency in the body increases the sensitivity of the teeth makes painful reaction to the quite moderate hot or cold foods. To replenish stocks of magnesium, you need to use zucchini, pumpkin, beets, beans, potatoes, dried fruit.

Vitamin PP. Important to protect against bleeding gums. In turn, blood from the gums is a sign of lack of vitamin e in the body. To get it you need to eat nuts, Turkey, seafood, beef, sea fish.


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