8 11 features of the iPhone, which are not mentioned in the presentation

Announced on 10 September, iPhone has different display size, the powerful A13 processor and wonderful features of cameras. However, during the presentation, Apple CEO Tim cook did not mention some other features of new products.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max “buried”

Presented a year ago iPhone Xs and Xs Max is not available in the online Apple store. These smartphones have become devices with one of the shortest life cycles.

Given the fact that their sales started two weeks after last year’s presentation, they did not last even on the official site of the year. Together with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max company buried the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Dual SIM card, but not for all

All three new models have two slots for SIM-cards. But this is a special version of devices that are designed exclusively for the China market. For other countries the company has provided for the virtual card format eSIM.

Updated AirDrop

Apple has hidden not only the “bad news”, but decided not to reveal the features of the new wireless chip U1, which supports data transmission technology of Ultra Wideband. Thanks to him, the iPhone can identify other iOS gadget or your Mac.

In iPhone 11 updated AirDrop

Face ID is even faster

All new Apple smartphones scanner Face ID started to work 30% faster. For speed of operation it can be compared with the fingerprint scanner.

The Apple logo placed in the middle

On new Apple products, the company decided to place the logo at the top of the device, and strictly in the middle. The reasons for this innovation the company did not disclose.

The Apple logo moved to the center

3D Touch is no more

Apple refused the functions which at one time very actively promoted. New smartphones do not support 3D Touch. Instead, Apple only offers haptic feedback when you long hold your finger on the display.

Quick charge iPhone 11, but for the extra money

iPhone 11, judging by the performance, Apple is positioning the iPhone as the successor to the Xr. That is, it is a smartphone midrange.

All 11 iPhone supports fast charging

At the presentation the company said that all three of the new gadget supports fast charging power up to 18 watts. That’s only relevant power the power supply included is only the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. And customers the iPhone 11 will get an archaic “charger”. For speed you will have to pay.

All new products are Wi-Fi 6

All three new Apple smartphone supports wireless technology Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax). The theoretical growth rate in the presence of standard-compliant router, is 38%.

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