174 Steam games got the touch

The Steam Remote Play technology allows users of the popular service to play games with the computer, transmitting them on a tablet, smartphone or TV. It is very convenient: the TV is in one room and computer in another. And he’s busy. With Steam Link you can start streaming straight to your TV and use a controller for the game. Computer and TV can stand, but the player wanted to lie down. It is sufficient to take the tablet and gamepad. But not everyone liked the idea of using a game controller, playing on tablets and smartphones. Indeed, why they are needed, if high-quality touch screen allows to play comfortably without using any third party device? Thought about it and Valve. The result of thinking was a massive upgrade.

Today it became known that 174 games from the Steam catalog was finally optimized touch controls. In a press release said that in most cases, the game layout is quite standard, but for some games have provided a special control to unleash the potential of games without a physical controller.

For example, in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch added a button to the quick movements, the rest of the configuration of the virtual buttons follows the classic layout for the controller.

In Stardew Valley has increased the X button, on which “hung” the use of tools. Appeared buttons for quick access to individual options from the menu.

Another example – Session – in it for the gameplay control interface is a significant part of the display, but there’s nothing you can do if you want to play the game from your PC on your tablet or smartphone, and even without a controller. Feature of this game is that the user is required to perform various tricks using the analog sticks to their position directly affects the success of a somersault. therefore, in order to do all this with thumbs conveniently, circles with dots, imitating a stick, had to make a pretty big. But there’s nothing you can do, if you want to play in Session with a PC, but still without a gamepad in hand.

The range of games with touch is sure to be replenished, but now to dig in almost two hundred games is not a simple task. This time the service developers is also considered, so the search appeared relevant category that you find the right game became much easier.

The ability to control gameplay using the touch screen may not seem the most convenient option, but it mostly depends on the specifics of the project.


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