10 worst foods in your fridge

Understand everything, when I see a double cheeseburger from the nearest fast-food that is junk food. But not all guess looking in my refrigerator, and there lurks the worst enemies of good nutrition.

MayonnaiseMayonnaise is not harmful under one condition – if it is consumed not more than a teaspoon. However, the majority used to measure the sauce in tablespoons, which adds extra 350-400 calories and a good shot is not very useful fat.Processed meatwe are Talking about processed foods such as sausages, boiled and smoked sausage, prepared meatballs, ham, bacon. They contain a lot of sodium, fats, and some preservatives such as nitrates. The sodium content is only a small portion of such a semi-finished product (five slices of salami) ranges from 310 to 480 milligrams. Diets high in sodium can increase the risk of high blood pressure, the main causes of heart disease and stroke.Fat milk, cream cheeseIn fact, these foods are not “empty calories” and do not contain harmful artificial additives. However, whole milk, cream, curd (9% fat or more) contain a lot of saturated fats, cholesterol, calories. Despite the nutrients that they have, fatty dairy products are indirect culprits of excess weight and imbalance of nutrients in the diet. Therefore, in order to balance the diet, indulging in my favorite shelf products, choose low-fat dairy products, or high fat.Margarine or spreada tablespoon of margarine contains 4 grams of saturated fat and 1.5 grams TRANS fats. TRANS fats – the most harmful type of fats, the negative impact on the body which have been proven by numerous studies.


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