150 thousand are under blockages on Sulawesi

More than 150 thousand people remain under the rubble in the Indonesian province of Sulawesi after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. These are the official data submitted by the government, reports TASS. Confirmed the death of more than 1,600 people, hundreds unaccounted for. Destroyed more than 65 million homes, tens of thousands of people became refugees.

Indonesia has received humanitarian aid from 17 countries. For analysis of blockages and work to restore the affected cities made of rescuers from different countries.

A series of powerful aftershocks began on 28 September. The earthquake caused the tsunami: on the beach hit the waves with a two-storey house. The scale of the disaster is still not possible to evaluate. Just a week after the first tremors of the experts were able to reach the far and remote areas of the disaster zone.

The representative of the French mission Arno Alibar said in an interview to “France-Presse” that the search and rescue work will continue until the spring: too much time is spent on the removal of soil after massive landslides triggered by the earthquake. President Joko Widodo, meanwhile, said that despite of all difficulties, victims of natural disaster must be found.

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