5 movies with Nicolas cage, which is worth a look

Today, January 7, actor Nicolas cage celebrates a birthday. Hollywood handsome turned 55! In a landmark day LifeStyle 24 journalists decided to pick up 5 films with legends of cinema, which is worth a look.

Seductive macho man to the rescue – I think all roles in the talented Nicolas cage. During the film career of the actor was nominated for dozens of prestigious awards, and in 1995 he managed to win the Oscar. Honorary award Nicolas cage received for participation in the film “Leaving Las Vegas”.

However, other roles of the actor scored a success at the box office and received rave reviews from the audience. LifeStyle 24 journalists selected 5 works of Nicolas cage, which is worth a look.

City of angels (City of Angels)

The film was released in 1998 and was dedicated to the Director of Doan Touch. Romantic movie Nicholas cage played the role of Seth Plaid angel, whom God sent to Earth to collect the souls of the dead. During the next task Set meets surgeon Maggie, which falls. Then the angel must make a difficult choice – to give up immortality, or to forget the girl.

City of angels: watch the trailer of the film

The Family Man (The Family Man)

No less sensually Nicolas cage played in the movie “the family Man”. In the story, the main character, Jack Campbell is a successful businessman, who donated a wonderful relationship for a career. However, on Christmas day, fate played a trick on him: he finds himself in a parallel reality, where still married.

The family man: watch the trailer for the film

“National treasure” (National Treasure)

Young American Ben Franklin gates belongs to the family that he believes in the legend of a fantastic treasure of artifacts. According to ancient stories, the treasures hidden by parents, founders of the United States, each time hiding. However, Ben is determined to find artifacts and get rich, because it has clues that could lead him to wealth.

“National treasure”: watch the trailer adventure movie

“Ghost rider” (Ghost Rider)

The film is based on a popular comic book. To save her father from death, biker johnny blaze made a Pact with the devil. Under the contract, in the night a man becomes a messenger of dark forces, which collects human “tribute”, But good, which has disappeared in johnny, can prevail over evil.

“Ghost rider”: watch the trailer

“The Medallion” (Stolen)

The daughter of a former thief kidnapped is unknown. The attackers claim that holding the girl in a taxi. For the father, played by Nicolas cage, given a few hours to save the child.

Medallion: watch the trailer blockbuster


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