9 IPhone is a reality?

Nine out of ten that the iPhone 9 will be released and already this March. Perhaps under a different name. Called the iPhone 9 has introduced the Japanese network resource macotakara, Apple has nothing to do with. He could be the first iPhone in history declared without a pageant – in his case it was optional. For its occurrence there are objective reasons, but that’s never stopped Apple – iPhone 9 may remain a myth.

In the network appeared images of the new iPhone, if real pictures most that neither is a real device – although the primary source of its origin is no secret. It really is “photos”, not “graphics”, and “shop”. Picture quality, professional work. If the iPhone 9 (I will call him so for brevity) did not happen unnoticed, this story will not die. To some extent this fake – sign. In the “zero” rumors about the iPhone Mini, a smaller cheaper version of a regular iPhone and made it almost tangible – and in China, hundreds of tiny companies took the money in the loan, sewed for them, the millions of multi-colored covers. How it ended for them, it is better not to remember.

By the way, the iPhone 9 is not the only popular name of a hypothetical retro-smartphone. One of the other names – iPhone Mini. And – iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, iPhone SJ (!), and the like. Sometimes it is hard called iPhone SE2, decoding the “S” as small. But it’s time to name reasons to judge for yourself how they are objective.

Why you need iPhone 9

The number of sold Apple devices inferior to Samsung and Huawei. In the individual competition XR and iPhone iPhone 11 lead, but the competitors take a number and diversity. While two thirds of the amount earned by all manufacturers of smartphones in 2019 went to the Apple account. And the company itself has repeatedly assured the public that this is exactly what she wanted. The goal of any business is the revenue, not copies sold, but it is not so simple. Sales of “in pieces” is no less important for Apple than for its competitors: depends on the number of “Apple ecosystem” is an indicator of its popularity and demand. It is a source of income for services. Forage base.

This is the first objective reason for the release of iPhone 9. iOS 13, the minimum version of the operating system, allowing the inhabitants of the Apple ecosystem to use for the most part subscription service is not installed on the iPhone older than the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. Users of iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 5s were left behind, and a lot of them. And in the future this level will rise higher and higher. So beyond a cheap device, in a retro style, but is able to work with both iOS 13, and with a few other newer versions of iOS is not a whim. This expansion of the user base and ecosystem, that is growth of sales “in pieces” is now a full-fledged strategic objective.

The second objective reason: the need to halt support for new versions of iOS the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is imminent. Most likely, it’s going to happen this year (at the end), or the next. It would be “not right” to sell iPhone models that will be irrelevant. 9 so the iPhone needs to replace her iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, the more ambitious and interesting project, the higher the probability of its failure or delay in its publication – but to be prepared for it makes sense.

And the third reason, I’m not sure that it is also an objective – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, in 2017 and 2018 were quite popular, the top ten best-selling smartphones in the world never entered, and in recent months their sales are down. Response of Apple in this circumstance are not easy to predict: on the one hand, if the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus “nobody loves”, whether to release them advanced option? On the other hand, if it’s cheaper by 50 dollars, and his stuffing replaced with state of the art, why not? Apple plans to sell in 2020 20-30 million copies.

When will the iPhone 9

Mass production of what we call iPhone 9 should begin in January (20 days) or in February. It will produce the plants owned by Foxconn in China. And if at the end of last year in a trade war between the US and China would not have happened the truce, iPhone 9 would have been impossible. Preparation for its release, judging by the moves, “analysts”, is already in full swing. But in the past has been that disclosed their preparation for release 16-inch MacBook Pro did not have any relation to it. But in war as in war. It is known that Apple has placed a large order for the production of LCD displays with a diagonal of 4.7 inches. LCD screens for iPhone 8, with the same size diagonally, produced and continues to produce JDI (Japan Display). Reason to expect a sharp increase in sales of the iPhone 8, even if Apple reduces its price, not. That is for the iPhone 9?
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What’s new in the iPhone 9

Dreamers about iPhone SE 2 was presented as the smartphone in the form factor of the iPhone 5s or SE (in the most ergonomically friendly to the pockets, and all that), but alas – iPhone 9, rumour and, quite possibly, of the alleged leaks from Apple (supposedly because Apple usually arranges the leak itself) would be even larger than the iPhone 8. The thick, terrible to say, 0.5 mm. In height and width by 0.1 mm. What caused this is still unknown. The size of his body – 138.5 x 67,4 x 7.8 mm. case Thickness in the area only the back of the camera is 8.6 mm. case Size iPhone 8, for comparison, 138.5 x 67,4 x 7.8 mm. the System-on-chip – Apple A13, with 3 Gigabytes of RAM (per GB than the iPhone 11 all grades) LDDR4X.

For the version with 64 Gigabytes of flash memory in the United States (excluding taxes and fees) will be asking $ 399 for the version with 128 GB – $ 449. iPhone 8 with the same volume of flash memory is sold for 449 and $ 499. Screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, with a resolution 1334h750 pixels, with a density of 326 pixels per inch, with a physical home button (aka Touch ID) and with a wonderful thick frame around the screen. And the number of cameras on the back side of the iPhone is now the same as the number of stars on the epaulets of an officer. 9-Ki it is one. IPhone 11 – two at the 11 Pro three.


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