the opinions of fans divided

Sylvester Stallone in Instagram published a motivational message, which talked about the passivity and struggle with laziness. And although the words of 73-year-old actor definitely deserve attention, fans noticed that he had ceased to paint the gray hair.

In the video, beard and hair Stallone looks completely white, causing the appearance of the star of “Rambo” has changed dramatically.

“Sometimes I Wake up and feel like doing nothing. Just relax. It’s true. If someone says otherwise, he’s lying – it’s human nature. Then you turn a little angry at yourself and you realize that you can get everything you need to make a Deposit to the Bank Purposes. So, I’ll be back to his favorite phrase [from the movie rocky] and do it! Keep punching!” – wrote the actor.

Friends, relatives and many fans of Sylvester Stallone was delighted with his new, honest image.

“You look great, the most interesting man in the world,” wrote the younger brother of actor Frank Stallone.

“It is not easy to live so long with glory and power. Proud of you with gray hair,” commented fans. “You look great, Champ!” “Stay honest with the gray hair! Looks good on you!”

Among the reactions to the appearance of the grizzled Stallone and found negative: “Damn it, guys, rocky is really getting old. Sad to see all getting older,” “Earlier you looked at a 45 and now to 70”.


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