18 Nov 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

18 November 2018 revered memory of Jonah, the Holy Archbishop. Ion was involved in the organization of shelters, where he lived destitute, widows and orphans. In addition, he became famous for many miracles, who could do with God’s help.

Later Jonah was canonized. In his biography says that after his death, his coffin passed, a large number of miracles and many people for this reason had subsequently come to faith in Christ.

The name day is celebrated November 18: Gregory, Alexander.

Folk omens on November 18

– If it falls heavy snow – winter will be snowy too.

– If it rains in the morning, then the evening will sweep the snow.

– Who in November won’t freeze – and that December and January will not freeze.

What can you do on 18 November

1. On this day, girls pray the Holy Jonah to find a decent man and a real good fortune.

2. To attract a suitor in the house – scattering the coins in his yard.

3. Children are encouraged to invite the girls for a walk, which can lead to stronger relationships.

4. You can clean the house. According to legend, this work will be successful.

5. If you go to the bath, then the next year you will be healthy.

What not to do November 18

1. It is not advisable to make this day important decisions to enter into any transaction. You should refrain from serious cases.

2. Do not sign on this day, no documents – to trouble.

3. Don’t make large purchases that day, because they will last a long time.

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