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Ukrainian Daria Bilodid in 2018 created a splash in the world of sports – the young athlete became the youngest world champion in judo. At the time she was 17 years old.

Such a glory is not passed by the fashion magazines. Consequently Vogue decided to do a interview with her wearing the eng in different images.

“To shoot Daria for Vogue pleasure. Slim (48 kg), high (172 cm), muscular and dry, it implicitly changes the images, not naughty, posing relaxed – born model. Experience fashion filming her almost there, mostly mini-interviews and stories in the news,” the article says Vogue.

Beloded says never noticed that people like something reacted to her appearance.

In judo appreciate not appearance, and struggle. Technique and good physical shape can be obtain with time, and character no. I won the European and world Championships not because I was stronger than others. Just know how to focus at the right time,
explains 18-year-old Daria.

Daria loves to run and play soccer, loves Spa says it’s the best reward after a grueling workout; versed in good food (“favorite thing is Carbonara and chocolate fondant”), wants to take the Olympic gold (“the less I do not agree”), and plans to finish his career at its peak in 25 years. Preparing to become a sports journalist – the second year student of the faculty of journalism of the Kyiv University named after Shevchenko.

Photo: Lesha Lich, Vogue

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