the successful sales of Hyundai Solaris “flawed” said the blogger

Autoblogger explained what difficulties may await those who sell used car.

The author of the YouTube channel “the Story of an outbid” told how he successfully resold Hyundai Solaris, earning 120 000 rubles of profit. According to him, after only two hours after it was published the announcement of the sale, he called seven people and representatives of five dealers.

We are talking about “Solaris” 2013 model year with 1.6-liter engine. The car was worth 200 thousand cheaper than the market price. The fact that it “hung” the ban on registration, but the owner paid the debts.

This sedan was painted on the left side, and the lid has a small chip. Also rusty chips was above the windshield. However the broker gave the car “flawed” familiar artists to paint chips.

From Hyundai Solaris did not work buttons on the steering wheel and the signal, so I had to change the stalk train. Were also replaced the rear suspension bushings. In addition, the dealers sent a car for “alignment” and bought the covers.

The blogger said that many people have when buying a used car blindly trust the information that can be found through services such as “AutoTech”. In his opinion, do not be afraid of vehicles, which was an insurance payment, because at least they are efficiently repaired from the “officials”.

In addition, the fact that the car is “clean” database does not guarantee that the owner got into an accident and not repaired it myself in the garage.


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